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      heavy equipment
      heavy equipment

      heavy equipment heavy equipment

      PT BINA PERTIWI Established in 1976, PT Bina Pertiwi (BP) distributed Kubota agricultural tractors, Kubota and Komatsu generators, Komatsu mini excavators, as well as Patria and Komatsu forklift sales and rental. In line with market growth and BP's competence improvement, the Company now expands to telecommunication sector by providing and constructing power system installation at BTS towers (permanent or mobile), and acts as BTS tower Engineering-Procurement-Construction contractor.


      UT HEAVY INDUSTRY (S) Pte. Ltd Established in 1994 in Singapore, UT Heavy Industry (S) Pte. Ltd serves as distribution arm for heavy equipment import to Indonesia.


      PT UNITED TRACTORS PANDU ENGINEERING Established in 1983, PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering (UTPE) engages in engineering and manufacture. Initially UTPE only manufactured and assembled forklifts and produced various heavy equipment attachments. Today UTPE has become and engineering, manufacturing, & energy logistic company producing heavy equipments for mining, oil and gas, forestry and plantation, industry and construction sectors. Moreover, UTPE also has a subsidiary dealing with coal transportation through seas and rivers.


      PT KOMATSU REMANUFACTURING ASIA Established in 1997, PT Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia's (KRA) headquarters and production facility are located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. KRA's core business is remanufacturing and reconditioning of heavy equipment engines and components.


      PT MULTI PRIMA UNIVERSAL Established in 2008, PT Multi Prima Universal's (MPU) core businesses are heavy equipment rental and used heavy equipment sales. MPU provides added value for its heavy equipment rental business in the form of end-to-end process package with competitive rent system and new units. For its used heavy equipment sales business, MPU prioritizes quality and warrant through reconditioning process in line with Komatsu's standard and supported by the latest equipments, systems and technologies.


      PT ANDALAN MULTI KENCANA Started its operation in 2010, PT Andalan Multi Kencana's (AMK) core businesses are parts commodity and parts development for heavy equipments. Both business were based on the high demand for quality spare parts heavy equipment components with affordable prices to ensure customers could achieve the lowest cost of spare parts for their heavy equipments' operational activities. This product capacity is called allmakes products, including filter, hose, lubricant, ground engaging tools/GET, battery, tyre, suspension, axle, brake system, etc. AMK's vision is to become a world class player by pioneering the establishment of a joint venture company in Singapore under the name of Allmakes Asia Pasific Pte Ltd.


      PT UNIVERSAL TEKNO REKSAJAYA PT Universal Tekno Reksajaya (UTR) provides quality product overhaul and reconditioning and focused on small to medium heavy equipments from Komatsu and Non Komatsu alike. Among the rebuilt (refurbished, remanufacturing, reconditioning, repair, reused) products are engine, main pump, swing machinery, final drive, travel motor, torque converter, control valve, transmission, swing motor, axle, wheel motor, differential, hydraulic cylinder, turbo charger, alternator, starting motor, etc.


      PT ACSET INDONUSA Tbk PT Acset Indonusa Tbk (ACSET) was established in 1995 as a construction company with a wide range of specializations that provides technical and construction services for building, civil and maritime works. ACSET has built a strong reputation as a specialist foundation engineering and geotechnic.