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      Training events are reports on events / programs that have been organized by the Learning Center with the aim of facilitating, developing and supporting continuing education for all employees. 

      The training event is packaged in a different presentation adapted to the development objectives to be achieved.

      Learning Community With Manager of Microsoft Indonesia, July 2013 [Download: 320.1 Kb]
      Entrepreneurial Leadership I, July 2013 [Download: 417.9 Kb]
      AHEME Basic Management Program Batch 37, June 2013 [Download: 352.7 Kb]
      Coaching Counseling For Result Batch I, June 2013 [Download: 785.9 Kb]
      Entrepreneurial Leadership II, July 2013 [Download: 417.9 Kb]
      EDUFEST 2013 : One Day Festival Of Learning, May 2013 [Download: 426.6 Kb]
      Young Leader Acceleration Program, March 2013 [Download: 919.8 Kb]
      Building High Performance Team, February 2013 [Download: 872.4 Kb]
      Learning Community With Sepeda Mania UT (SEMUT), January 2013 [Download: 351.9 Kb]
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      Learning Community

      Community to share knowledge, insight and hobbies. Sharing are presented in the form of informal talk show. Every employee may participate as speakers and participants.

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      Corpu Net

      Application that allows every member of UT and AHEME to be able to learn anywhere and anytime using an Internet-based technology that can be accessed from branch or site.

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      Application that allows employees to borrow and read books online or download the digital books (e-book) for independent competency development.

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      Corpu Touch

      Articles that are inspiring and packaged in a “morning coffee“ format. The stories are distributed through internal email network.

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      Video Learning

      Means of learning to adopt the values of S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N, packaged in video format. Video Learning is used to visualize learning material in a variety of occasions, for example introductory video in training program.

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      Learning On The Air

      Learning by means of radio format that present a wide range of hot topics around the world and discuss about the dynamics of work, packed in fun ways. Learning On The Air airs on Thursdays, 12:45 to 01 pm and can be accesed through e-Learning.