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      Mining Contracting

      United Tractors supports coal companies in Indonesia by providing mining services through PT Pamapersada Nusantara (“PAMA”), which the Company established back in 1989. Highly competent in mine design, exploration, extracting, hauling, barging and transporting commodities, PAMA helps mine owners to tap the potential natural resources since preliminary assessments, infrastructure construction, exploitation up to mine expansion.

      Mining contracting services offered are including:

      ? Mining design and implementation

      ? Preliminary assessment and feasibility studies

      ? Construction of infrastructure and plant

      ? Removal of overburden and waste

      ? Commercial exploitation

      ? Expansion of mine/plant

      ? Reclamation and revegetation

      ? Transshipment and marketing


      Operating in major coal mining projects across the country, PAMA is widely known as the largest and most reputable coal mining contractor in Indonesia, including its subsidiaries: PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (“KPP”), PT Pama Indo Mining (“PIM”) and PT Multi Prima Universal (“MPU”). In strengthening its market presence and being strategic for future business sustainability, PAMA provides comprehensive services and maintains high productivity and efficiency by establishing zero accident targets in all clients’ onsite operations.