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      heavy equipment
      heavy equipment

      Parts Info

      United Tractors officially launched a new product, Scania Oil. The oil is used for Scania Trucks and officially recommended by Scania CV AB. Inauguration of Scania Oil held in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan on 18 September 2012 was attended by business partners who own Scania Trucks in Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

      In January 2013, UT launched UD Genuine Lubricants. The lubricants especially for UD Trucks product. UD Genuine Lubricants is the only product that had tested and specifically recognized by experts of UD Corporation to optimize performance and protection for UD Trucks product. 

      Type of UD Genuine Lubricants : 
      ? UD Genuine Engine Oil 
      ? UD Genuine Gear Oil 
      ? UD Genuine Rear Axle Oil

      On January 7, 2013, BSI (British Standards Institution) published the ISO 9001: 2008 for UT parts warehouse operations. By ISO 9001: 2008 proved that UT warehouse operations is appropriate with customer requirements in terms of customer satisfaction.

      Parts Program

      Spare Parts information is the most important thing in heavy equipment maintenance management. Our parts salesman are spread across 55 branches, site, and representatives that ready to provide consultation services regarding the spare parts.

      Undercarriage is one of the most important parts of the heavy equipment that consuming up to 40% of the total maintenance cost. Through this program, the undercarriage worn can be monitored , so that will optimalize undercarriage life time and replacement.

      Provide a variety of parts packages such as filters, lubricants, overhaul parts package for major and minor component (engine, transmission, final drive, cylinder, etc.).

      We have training centers for spare parts inventory and warehouse management in several areas such as Jakarta, Pakanbaru, Samarinda, Balikpapan and Ujungpandang. Training can be held at our training center or business partner work area.

      Cooperating with banking institutions, we provide facility for our business partners in terms of financing solutions to purchase parts and service. Through this program, business partners have benefits such as: credit limit up to Rp 3 billion, no collateral, easy payment, free of administration costs and special offers on parts and service

      To achieve high availability of heavy equipment, down time of heavy equipment should be kept as low as possible to support the achievement of operational targets. We provide Component Exchange Program that will help you to minimize the downtime during overhaul and repair time of major and minor component.